Hey there, we’re the Bradley Family.

Smack in the middle of 2020 our family decided it was time for a big change. We let go of most things we owned, including a home, truck and furniture. We hit the road, with no particular destination in mind and started exploring. We knew we didn’t want to go back to our old life but we had no dreams for the next version either. We are now more than 6 months into this new lifestyle and we cannot see and end in sight. After realizing we really did need some sort of direction, we let our jeep do the planning. We are now guided by jeep trails all over the country, our search you ask…for the best sunsets. 

“As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.” -Henry David Thoreau, Walden

States Visited

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About Sharissa

Hi! Sharissa here, I have lived all sorts of lives till this point. I grew up moving from place to place never staying anywhere very long, so when my kids were born I wanted a different life for them. One that was steady and consistent. All at one time I was a psychology professor, writer, and an entrepreneur. After achieving those goals, that lifestyle was creating a noticable decrease in my mental health. The status qou started to eat away at me, and I couldn’t hardly recongize myself anymore.  I needed to break free by searching for myself once again, and off we went, on the road with 3 kids and a pup.

About Jon

Jon has successfully created and operated several businesses starting from age 18.  From Martial Arts to construction, each one of his  businesses were born from his hobbies. His passion and desire, to learn and do new things, always allowed him to reach new success in every venture. Work and home life during COVID allowed him to realize that there’s more to life than just work. It was time for a new path.  Traveling fulltime has allowed him to venture to new heights, in all areas of life, from his marriage to the relationships with his children, as well as hobbies and career. 

About The Kids

One in 3rd grade, another in 1st, and the last still in diapers. These babies are on an adventure of their own: in search of the best playgrounds around the United States. If asked, they will not hesitate to give a full review. Homeschooling, adventuring, and searching out parks. They could not be having a better time.

About Buddy

Our buddy boy has one very important job: getting as dirty as he possibly can so that we REALLY never forget this experience.

About Sol

Sol is a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. She was built with a theme. To take the family SUV, add a lift, tires, and minimal armor, maintain roadworthyness,  and to make memories in every landscape. We want to inspire the average Jeep owner to get out, as a family, and get your Jeep dirty. 

With that in mind we left it with the hard top on and full fenders.  She sports 35″ tires, 4″ lift, high clearance bumpers, and Poisen Spider rock sliders.  In time, we realized we were always out seeking sunsets and Sol was born. Named after the Norse Goddess of the Sun. Her job is to take us on amazing adventures as a family.

About Our Tiny Home

Our current crib is a 2019 Winnebago Minniewinnie 31G that has been completely remodeled to suit our family. She was a previous rental and needed some updates and repairs. We have added automatic jacks, solar, an instant hot water heater and many many more things to make our lives easier. 

Now That You Love Us.

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