These are our go-to favorites!

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This is our #1 favorite accesory. This over the tire trash bag has given us the ability to “take out our trash” even when there are no trashcans near buy. This bag easily fits 4 full kitchen sized trash bags. This might not seem like a big deal but if you want to go camping off grid, you’ll have to consider how you are going to pack out your trash. This is our favorite way!

Dometic Fridge

This is the reason we can go out and play the way we do. This fridge allows us to bring fresh food on the road with us without mess of melted ice. We use this fridge non-stop as additional storage for our weekly groceries as well as our day trips out adventuring.

Tail Gate Table

This table is a game changer! This has all the convinence of an on demand table. We are able to make meals and hold drinks while we are out on the trail.

This table helps us to stay organized when we are out on our day trips and keeps things in thier place.

Tire Deflators

Quickly and easily deflate tires for off-roading with these adjustable air pressure deflators. 

Smittybilt Air Pump

High quality, portable air pump, that inflates large tires in a matter of minutes.

ARB Tire Puncture Repair Kit

Have confidence out on the trails with this tire repair kit. Easy to use!


Level Mate Pro

This handy tool drastically reduces setup time–works with RVs, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. This little device connects to the motorhome and wireless to a cell phone to help level before you even get out of the car. 

GIRARD 2GWHAM Tankless Water Heater

Finally!!! We could take as long as we wanted and no more cold showers! This was a game changer for us, with 5 people and a dog to not run out of hot water. Please note* you do have to buy the cover seperately depending on the type of RV you have and your preferred color. 

RecPro RV Refrigerator

Our original refrigerator was leaking amonia! We decided to go to an all electric fridge. This gave us a ton more space and much more consistent temperatures. Our food lasts as long as it should and no weird smells. 

Renogy RV Solar Kit

This amount of solar with the addition of the batteries allows our family to camp off-grid and still use our favorite products. 

Stanbroil Propane Brass Tee

This nifty little tool allows us to connect external propane tanks to the tiny house.

Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks

Most areas need a little extra stabilization, these blocks do the trick and do not take up much storage. 


Outland Fire Pit

This propane has allowed us to, legally, have a firepit in every state we have been. Lots of times, states will put a no burn order in effect which prohibits any open flame. This propane fire ring is exempt from those rules and can be used everywhere. 

Blackstone Table Griddle

This is our absolute favorite way to cook outdoors! We use this along side our gas grill to cook all our favorite foods. 

Trekology Folding Table

This super cute little table folds up super small and makes for a perfect side table. 

Zero Gravity Chairs

This is a set of two! These chairs feel like you are floating in a hammock, even if you have no trees! We absolutely love these chairs. 

Outdoor Rug

This outdoor rug extends out far beyond our motorhome door mat and helps keep the bugs and dust out.

4-Foot Folding Table

This table gets so small that we are easily able to store it for traveling. It fold out large enough to be used for just about anything. We primarily use it for cooking prep space. 


California Trails Guide

We have one of these guide books for each state we go jeeping in. The accuracy is spot on. We are able to study about the trails before hand and have mile by mile markers on the trail. 

Trail Guide For Moab

Absolute must have’s if you are out on the trails! We have used this book to help just mile by mile on each trail. 

Trail Guide For Arizona

There is plenty to see in Arizona, this guide book helped us determine which trails we could take our kids on and which ones would make for the best pictures!

Game Changers

Dave Asprey has spent many years talking to the game changers in every field on his bulletproof podcast. Here he lays it all out in book form and provides many valuable steps anyone could take on thier own journey. 

The 4-Hour Work Week

This book inspired us to think about work differently. When we first read it we thought it was impossible. Especially with the way we were running our finacial careers. This book allowed us to think outside the proverbial box. 

The Great Work of Your Life

This book pulls inspiration and teaching from the Bhagavad Gita in regards to Dharma. This book teaches about finding and following your passions to create the great work of your life.