Traveling Through Arizona

Arizona has some of the most incredible landscapes. Starting from the center of the state, if you drive about an hour in any direction you will find yourself in a completely different terrain. From the wide open spaces in the Saguaro Desert, to the lush pine forest in Flagstaff, and the breathtaking views of the red rocks in Sedona. 

March 31, 2021

Discover Arizona.

Arizona is home to some of the most beautiful landmarks. Including, the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, the red rocks of Sedona, vast sand dunes, and many many more. There is something in Arizona for everyone. Even if you could only spend a few days exploring, you will not be disappointed. Our family spent over a month traveling through Arizona and we were  continually surprised by the beauty around every corner. Here are just three of our favorite parts. We could write a whole book if we told you everything but here’s some blips for you to discover in beautiful Arizona.

 1. Sedona, Arizona


One of the most incredible features Arizona has to offer, is the beautiful sunsets. Luckily, for all of us, you can see these beautiful views from almost the whole state. Although, there is one area where the backdrop is so breathtaking that when the beauty of the sunset is added, it doesn’t even feel real. I can truly understand why artists have struggled to paint it accurately. The colors don’t seem like they should exist in our spectrum, and yet they do. The bright reds, and lush greens of the natural landscape, in addition to the miraculous colors of the sun on the horizon, can only be seen in person to be believed. We have visited Sedona, as a family, now three times.


The first time, we booked a vacation rental in the same neighborhood as Cathedral Rock (another must see). We were able to walk there from the house and the cutest downtown was only a few miles drive. Our second time we were officially living full time in our motorhome and we camped off a fire road (free camping). The views were magical, but the powder soft red sand stained almost everything we owned! Our most recent visit we stayed off the beaten path a bit, in the forests of Sedona…yes there’s forests too! Sedona has it all and a view to match!

Jeeping in Sedona


If you don’t have a jeep, don’t worry. There are jeep tours (pink ones!) and tons of jeep rentals as well. You can pick your adventure. There are several trails within city limits. Check out trails we went on: Schnebly Hill, which used to be the mail route and it’s a JEEP BADGE OFFICIAL TRAIL, Broken Arrow Trail, and Soldier Pass Trail (this one requires a permit) .

2. Flagstaff, Arizona



Welcome to the middle of a lush pine forest. The town looks like it has been cut straight out of the woods, but they only took the space they needed. Walk about 15 feet off any main road and you’ll find yourself right in the middle of the trees. This town feels like the mountains, the air is fresh and the stars are bright. It can feel a little strange since the town is stocked full of amenities. All the big stores and the mom and pops availability makes this city feel inviting and cozy. If you get a chance to visit, spend some time out on the hiking paths. There are trails for all levels and abilities. More and more studies are showing that time in the trees is good for the soul. We couldn’t agree more. We were here in early winter and were still able to spend most of the day outdoors. 

3. Bisbee, Arizona



Tucked away, all the way south, is the cutest town ever! This used to be a mining town but several years ago the mine got shut down. As a community, they stood together to save their little city. The mayor, at the time, had the forethought and the urgency to save the town. He filed for Bisbee to be named a historical landmark and the members of the community turned their town into a tourist attraction. They restored buildings, made restaurants, and started small businesses attracting tourists. Essentially, they saved their town and made it darn cute in the process. We were able to spend the day driving around and checking out Bisbee. We discovered in just a short drive from Bisbee, the oldest mutli-use stadium that is still in use! The Warren Ballpark, was originally established in 1909. We were also met with the nicest locals who told us more town history while we were at this adorable park for the kids to get their wiggles out.